Appliance Tips

Common Dyer Problems

Let's talk about the most common appliance to have a problem with, your dryer. And the most common cause of problems with you're dryer is that 4 inch diameter hose coming out the back, called the vent hose. Where it goes when it leaves the room is very important. If your dryer sits up against an outside wall, and the vent goes straight out, you will not have many problems, unless the hose that connects the dryer to the wall gets kinked. 

LG Front-Loading Dryer

 There were many newer homes built with the laundry room in the middle of the house to make it more convenient. The problem with this is the length of pipe required to vent the dryer outdoors. The way a dryer works is the moisture in the clothes is heated and converted to steam, then vents outside. This moist air gets the inside of the vent pipe wet, then the small fibers (lint) that gets past the lint screen sticks to the wet pipe, and over time builds and builds until it clogs like my arteries. 

This makes it hard for the dryer to get rid of the moisture from the clothes, it has to work much harder, and can lead to over heating problems actually causing the dryer to fail. Homeowners with dryers that are not against an outside wall need to have the vent cleaned at least every five years by a professional vent cleaning service.